Sunday, 22 January 2012

How many ProPoints in...cakes, pastries etc?

One of the most popular searches that brings people to my blog is how many ProPoints are in a croissant.  So below are just some examples of the ProPoints in cakes, pastries etc for those of you with a sweet tooth:


These can vary across the board, for example Tesco's All Butter Croissant have 6 ProPoints each where as Asda's Extra Special Croissant have 9 ProPoints each and Marks and Spencer's and the Co-op's versions have 5 ProPoints each.  Weight Watchers own Croissants have only 4 ProPoints each.  But don't forget to add the extra points for the jam and butter!!

Butterfly Cakes

I'm not a big cake or pastry eater, I'd rather have a bag of crisps but if I was going to eat a little bit of cake with my cup of tea then it would have to be these butterfly cakes (click here for the recipe).  They are 7 ProPoints each but they are a little bit of buttery heaven! 

Chocolate Mini Rolls

Cadbury Mini Rolls are 3 ProPoints each or as an alternative, Weight Watchers own Chocolate Mini Rolls are 2 ProPoints each.

Jam Tarts
Again these can vary slightly, Mr Kiplings and Sainsbury's Jam Tarts have 4 ProPoints each, Tesco's own Jam Tarts have 3 ProPoints each


Again Doughnuts can vary in points depending on the type that you get.  According to the calculator on weight watchers website, the Co-operative Custard doughnuts are 4 ProPoints, Asda's Jam Doughnuts are 7 ProPoints each, Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts are 6 ProPoints and Iced Doughnuts are 7 ProPoints 

Jayne x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

ProPoints...Week One

I decided to start back on ProPoints on Thursday 12th January.  My intention was to start the week before but I got a tummy bug and although that was a great kick start to the diet I wouldn't have been able to take an accurate reading of my starting weight as you never know if that's what you actually weight or if it's fluid loss.

I have to admit that I had tried to be organised and do a plan of what I was going to eat each day, what exercise I was going to do and how many ProPoints I would have each day but i've been a bit lazy and haven't done it.  That said I have stuck to my 26 points so far, with a little bit of a treat on Friday using some of my weekly allowance but I do need to get organised.

If you were on the plan last year you'll know that weight watchers have reduced the number of daily points that you can have.  Mine have gone down from 29 to 26 and I must admit I thought I was really going to struggle but so far I have surprised myself and been able to stick to the 26 points...although i'm only four days in.  If I find I am struggling then I always have the option of going back to the 29 points but I am going to see how it goes.  Has anyone else managed to stick to the new allowance or have you gone back to your old allowance?

Jayne x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

How many ProPoints in....Bread?

One thing I don't really like to deprive myself of is bread..that along with crisps, is probably my biggest downfall.  To me it's the ultimate comfort food! But just because you are following the Weight Watcher's ProPoints plan doesn't mean you have to go without.  Weight Watcher's do their own bread at 1 or 2pp each depending on what you get but if you don't fancy that then there are some alternatives out there.

Warburtons Sandwich Thins
These sandwich thins from Warburtons are 3pp each and are a fantastic option. They are, as the name suggests thin pieces of bread and they come like a square bread bun but ready sliced in the middle so you don't have to faff about cutting them in half.  You can either use them like a normal bread bun, but I tend to split them in half and have open sandwiches, that way I feel like I'm having twice as a much.  They are also a nice alternative to pitta.

Warburtons Square Wraps

These square wraps from Warburtons are 4pp each.  They are great to use as a pizza base - you feel like you have had a good size pizza for the same propoints value as a large slice from pizza hut.  They are also good as an alternative to tortilla wraps for sandwiches or fajitas and the texture is lovely.

Nimble Bread

For those of you who like sliced bread, Nimble's sliced loaf is only 1pp per slice.  It comes in white, wholemeal and malted wholegrain and each has the same ProPoints value.  It's a filling and healthy food option in weight watchers food tracker. It's only down side to me is that it isn't a full size slice.

Kingsmill 50/50 crusts away
For those who are fans of full size sliced bread that has some substance to it, there is Kingsmill 50/50 Crusts Away bread which is only 1pp per slice or 2pp for two slices.  Pack it full of salad,wafer thin ham and reduced fat mayonnaise and you can still have a tasty sandwich without using up all your points.

Crusty Baguette

When i say baguette I don't mean one of those giant french sticks that you get from the supermarket, I mean a standard size sandwich baguette which on average seems to be about 8pp.  If you are going out to a bar or restaurant they often serve sandwiches in baguettes so it's helpful to know how many points are in the bread. 

Recipe: Meatball Pasta Bake

One of the most popular recipes on my blog and that brings a lot of people to my blog is the meatball pasta bake from Weight Watchers seriously satisfying cookbook.

Rather than create twice the work for myself I have posted the link to the recipe on my other blog here.

Serves: 4
Total ProPoints per recipe: 40
Total ProPoints per serving: 10

For those of you like me who like their carbs it's nice to come home to a tasty satisfying meal that isn't high in points and doesn't take long to make.  Serve it with some filling and healthy zero points salad or vegetables 

A new weight watchers blog

When I started Weight Watchers ProPoints around this time last year I struggled to find many blogs about WW and the new ProPoints system they had introduced.  I also struggled to find sites other than WW own site that had (tasty) recipes with ProPoints on them.  So I started to write some on my own blog, Jayne's Kitchen and the number of visits to the site shot up.  The weight watcher's recipes are still a massive hit a year later and has massively contributed to getting 17,500 page views in a year.  

It's now January 2012 and once again WW are on their annual drive for new members and the number of page views on Jayne's Kitchen is rocketing again thanks to the weight watchers posts, but I don't want to bore people who aren't really interested in how many ProPoints are in each dish so I decided to create this blog to run alongside my other one.  This one will also have the addition of talking about my experience of ProPoints, good products I have come across and  the number of ProPoints in certain things based on popular searches that have led people to my other blog.  

It's also a way of me tracking my weight and perhaps shame myself in to staying on track. I opted for the online option rather than going to meetings and I was doing really well up until my birthday in August 2011.  Then I got distracted by buying our first house and so for the last four months of the year it all went to pot a bit (although I did lose a couple of pounds through shear anxiety during the process of getting a mortgage!)

So this is me now..or at least the most recent photo I have, it was taken a couple of months ago and by this point I had probably lost a stone so I'm probably 11 stone on this picture (that's so hard to write, I know a lot of people will say that 11 stone is nothing but it's about being happy with your body and I don't feel happy with it as well as feeling generally unhealthy).  

My blood pressure has come down a lot and when I was going to the gym I could do more than I ever could before.  Even when I wasn't on WW and counting how many ProPoints I was having I actually didn't do too badly.  I've put on 4lbs since I came off the plan but I have noticed that I don't make the same choices that I used to.

When I went away to university ten years ago I weighed 9st 3 and was a size 10.  Now I don't think it will be possible to ever get to that weight again so I will settle for 10st and and a size 12. This is a photo of what I would like to look like:

So come back for some tasty recipes, me wittering on about my ProPoints experience and to give me some encouragement to stay on track!! :-)

Jayne x
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